Lingerie to Flatter Your Body Shape

Lingerie to Flatter Your Body Shape

Published by Disire on 7th Apr 2023

If you're not sure what's the most flattering lingerie foryour body shape, then we've got some great tips to help you choose the sexiestlingerie styles for your figure!

First, make sure you're accentuating your best featureswhether they're great legs, killer cleavage, or toned rear. Once you know whatyou want to show off (or hide!) you're well on the way to being able to pickthe right style of lingerie for you. Got a killer cleavage? Then make sure youshow it off! An underwired bra is great for lifting the breasts, and dependingon the style of bra it can also give you a terrific cleavage too! A balconystyle bra is great for uplift and silhouette, whilst a plunge or push-up brawill give you oodles of cleavage! Bodies and corsets are also great for giving your breasts lots of uplift, plus they also accentuate your waistline, and cover tummies too-no wonder we love them!

Whilst matching bra and briefs are the classic combination,they're not always the most flattering choice for everyone. So if you'relooking for lingerie you can undress to impress with, and you're conscious of your tummy or thighs, you might want to consider an alternative. A sexy chemise or babydoll are great for hiding bits! Depending on the style of the babydoll,the flowing skirt can be terrific for hiding tummies and tops of thighs-particularlyif you steer clear of too sheer a material. We also love chemises for the samereason, in fact they generally cover up more than a babydoll, plus there arelots of sexy styles and fabrics to choose from -and they always look sexy!

The great thing about bodies and corsets is that not only are they incredibly sexy for the bedroom, but they're also great for wearing under strapless dresses, or even by themselves if you want to dress stylish! Notonly do they give you great cleavage, but also lots of support and enhancement too which means they're great for both small and large breasted women. Plus they are also very flattering across the tummy and hips and hugely sexy too!

Make sure you give some thought to what you'll be wearingwith your bra, body or corset. If you're buying a set they'll normally comewith briefs, shorties, thong or g-string. So think about what will be the mostflattering style for your shape. Thongs or g-strings mean your rear is going to be a main focus if youre wearing a bra, body or corset! But if your rear isnot one of your best assets, you may want to think about shorties, briefs or knickers instead. Alternatively, a sexy way to draw attention away is towear some sexy stockings or hold-ups to accentuate your legs. Although if you'reaccentuating your cleavage with a killer bra, body or corset we can pretty much guarantee all eyes are going to be drawn there anyway! But any excuse towear stockings or hold-ups is a good one!

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